Government Issued

I had brunch with my sister yesterday and she shared some crazy dating stories of a few friends. Then we started to reminiscence about some of my crazy dating stories, unfortunately I have so many of them. I remember the story of the felon I met at Society lounge in DC.

It was a regular Friday night and I was hanging out with my girl Tash at Society lounge and listening to some live music. During the course of the evening I met a guy named Rod. Now I could tell he was a little bit of the bad boy type with a New York swag about him. He excites me because I don’t know if he’s gonna choke me or kiss me? I don’t know, but let’s find out.

We exchange numbers and I find out that he is from New York and oh by the way he’s on parole. Now that should make me run the other way girl, but we all like a little bad boy. Later, I come to find out that he also got my girlfriends Tash phone number. We continue to talk and I admit I punked out. I should have let him be, but I told him that he needed to choose and he needed to tell Tash if he was interested in me. I know, I should’ve followed the girl code and told my girl, but instead I asked him to do it. Yes, I punked out.

So, he proceeds to tell me he got in some trouble in NYC and the evidence got thrown out and I can’t really remember the details. But, he’s currently on parole and living in Md. Now this has to be a Federal case, because he also has an ankle bracket and can’t be outside or drink on Sundays. Well I felt safe enough to go to his house one Sunday to watch the game. He is a big Pittsburgh Steelers fan and while there, this man proceeds to yell and scream at the television like the very definition of fanatic. He turned into a crazy person by cursing and yelling at the television. I can’t take it but I don’t want to leave yet, so he tells me to go upstairs to watch TV. On the way upstairs realizing it’s Sunday afternoon, I suggest a drink. He says he can’t drink on Sundays or leave the house, remember? I said ok, but still pour some wine and head to his bedroom to watch TV. I started watching a movie and about 25 minutes into the movie I hear a phone ringing sound.

I look over and see a funny phone contraption and it’s ringing but doesn’t look like a regular phone. It continues ringing so I holler for him downstairs that the phone keeps ringing. At that point, he pops up and hauls ass up two flights of stairs. I’d never seen a 6’2, 240 pound linebacker man move that fast. I mean it sounded like a herd of hyenas from the Discovery channel. He comes into the room out of breathe and proceeds to breathe into the phone contraption. So the reason he can’t drink on Sunday or leave the house is because one of the conditions of his parole is that he can’t do either on Sunday’s.

At this point, I’m just sitting there speechless. I mean, I’ve never seen anything like this in my life. I’m both fascinated and horrified. So ok, you’re on parole, ok you have an ankle bracelet, ok you can’t drink on Sunday’s, and ok you can’t leave the house. But, now shit just got real. Like for real, he’s on probation and/or parole, wears an ankle bracket, and has to breathe into a breathalyzer. I couldn’t get out of there fast enough. So I told him I had to go and headed for the door. Well he can’t walk me to my car because, you guessed it, he literally can’t leave his doorway. I drove off and called him from the car to tell him I can’t deal with someone in his situation and things weren’t going to work. So the morale of this story is sometimes the light at the end of the tunnel is a train, duck or run. But not a good idea to date someone who’s jewelry is government issue in the form of an ankle bracelet. If so, run don’t walk far far away.


It was a good day

I had two dates yesterday with the same gentleman and after the second one I could tell we had no chemistry. Although, on paper we had many things in common like going to the Kennedy Center and going out to eat. We are both very social people and we look nice together, but I just didn’t want to waste his time.

I met said individual on Friday night at a corn maze outing with some friends. I was actually there with D my ex, I know yes the one with the girlfriend that I’m not supposed to see anymore. Don’t distract me with old stuff. Anyway, as I was saying, met the guy Ronnie on Friday night with friends. I could kind of tell he was checking me out trying to see if D and I were together or not. The next day I received a message from our mutual friend asking if D was my situationship. You know when you’re between a relationship and just sex and/or non exclusive dating, you’re in a situationship.

Anyway, I was honest that yes he is my situationship, but one I need to get over. So, go ahead and give dude my number and to Ronnie’s credit he did text me the same day, but I was out with my girl at dinner. I text him back Sunday morning and he asked if I wanted to meet for brunch. I said sure, because I like to say yes and keep an open mind. My girls tease me because they say I’m always on a date, well that’s partially true, but it’s because I air on the side of yes. I don’t have any superpowers for getting dates, I just keep an open mind.

Ronnie offers to pick me up and I could have sworn he beeped the horn when he arrived. I was getting ready to lay into him, but he rung the door bell, so I let it go. Anyway, we had a nice brunch and although he’s short at 5’8 or 5’9, I liked his New York swag and his hustle. He was confident and had good conversation. I thought ok, I would go go with him again, but I also didn’t get any tingles in my nether regions.

I mentioned to him at brunch that I was going to see the Isley Brothers that evening and he said he would try and get tickets. I was like ok cool. He arrived a little late and text me that he was outside. I come out looking flawless and this fool didn’t even get out the car, so I stood there for a second. He rolls down the window, I was like we’re late nevermind I open door and get in. I said, “you can’t open the door”? He claims he was struggling with the seatbelt. Ooh, the lies we tell.

The concert was amazing, but he took the wrong turn getting there and I thought we might be late. During the concert because I had a little cleavage out I got chilly so I put on my wrap. He leans over and says “if you’re cold you can get closer.” I told him I was good. He then says “that goes for later too, I’m only 1.5 miles away.” Ha! I’m thinking, that will never happen and you just ruined any chances.

After the concert, he wants to do a night cap or go listen to some more music but at point, I’ve had enough for one day so I say no, just take me home. He takes me home and we have that awkward moment at the door. Do we kiss, do we hug? I gave him a hug and ran inside. I did call him to tell him he’s good people, but I didn’t feel the chemistry. Normally, I would have gone on one or two more dates, but a woman knows pretty early on if she sees you together or not. Plus, since I met him through a friend, I saw no reason to drag it on.

He took it well, although he suggested that for the future I may give it more time. That’s fair and I could have had some amazing dates, but it was also awkward and painful at times with only music between us. I feel confident in my decision to tell him no thanks. But, I don’t regret saying yes to the dates. I found out about a new restaurant for brunch and the upgraded box seats for the concert were amazing. It was a good day!

Sex in the City 2.0

So, I haven’t written in a while because well this was supposed to be a blog about trying to get pregnant and being over 40. Well, I’m now 41 and I’m not pregnant. But, life goes on and now this is morphing into more of a 40ish and dating blog. I just haven’t gotten around to changing the name.

So a lot has happened since I last blogged. I graduated from Georgetown University and my commencement speaker said I’m now part of the Washington elite. Whatever that means. My pay check is still the same and I’m not complaining, but I don’t feel different.

I did buy a house in one of Washington’s up and coming neighborhoods. So it’s been about one month and I love the house and the neighborhood. It’s quiet and doesn’t have a lot of kids at all. So it’s close enough to the city life, but far enough away so it feels like the suburbs. I actually hear birds chirping on occasion which I did not expect. What hasn’t changed is that I’m still a single girl in the city trying to figure out this dating scene and hoping for her happily ever after. I’m probably still making more mistakes and missteps than I care to, but alcohol and the random lonely nights will do that to you. No, I’m not going to stop drinking, although I could stand to go to church more.

I probably just need to cut off my exes. Believe me I’ve read all the cliches and the inspirational quotes about moving on and blah blah blah. But, when I talk to my single friends we are all in similar boats. We all go for the familiar. Putting yourself out there is hard as hell. So instead we keep drinking from the same well of “bad actors” and former flames or some say forget it and go solo.

Mostly the ones that go solo have kids and they don’t have the time or bandwidth to waste on losers. However, I’ve got plenty of time since I have no kids and no pets. I really should get a dog. But, that whole running home after work is a turn off. What I really need is a hobby. I need to stay busy, what is that saying about idle hands?

Anyway, I’m going to be updating this a little bit more now that I’m moved and maybe together we create Sex in the City 2.0 with a black cast. Lol What say you?

Skid row

So I was really feeling Rodney I mean he was tall, handsome, and we were in the same age range and wanted the same things. He had his 9-year old daughter visiting for the summer and even wanted more kids. He’s never been married, but said he wanted to get married and have more kids. I mean it was music to my ovaries, I mean my ears. However, things with Rodney and I hit a snag after we had sex. Because he had his daughter for the summer and I could only see him late at night after she went to bed it was hard to deal with. We’d make plans on the weekends thinking she’d be asleep and she’d still be awake and so those plans wouldn’t materialize. It got to be very frustrating because he wouldn’t communicate this to be until late, thinking she’s going to bed anytime now and I would’ve wasted my entire evening waiting on that call.

I tried to understand because I didn’t want to repeat the same mistakes I had when I dated my ex Darnel when he had his son for the summer. I don’t have kids so it’s hard enough to date someone with kids when they have alternate weekend partial custody, but when that person has full custody for the summer and you don’t have kids, it’s really tough. You want to be considerate, but you also know you will never come first. This little human runs the show and all their whims will take over your relationship during that time. You can’t yet meet the kid(s) because it’s too early, so you’re supposed to just fall back and understand that this is how it will be for a while until the kid goes back home. That sounds so bad, but I’m being honest. It’s tough dating someone with kids when you just want your own quality time.

Anyway, I digress from the story of Rodney and I. So we were hanging out when his daughter went to sleep and we had these amazing conversations about family, relationships, and the future. So you guessed it, I fell hard, I mean real hard. I haven’t had a real relationship for over three years and with his looks, intelligence, tenderness, alpha male swag I was like all the way in. However, that didn’t last very long. I got tired of the broken promises when we were supposed to hang out and he didn’t make it to any of my birthday activities or make it up to me after. He said he was overwhelmed with work and being a full time Dad and while that was probably the case, what really made me upset is that I offered up at least twice for us to take a step back.  I knew he was feeling the pressure to make time for me, spend time with his daughter, and also finish his work projects.

Instead, he just started going quiet. It was taking him longer and longer to return text messages and I couldn’t get him on the phone. The day before his daughter left to go back home he told me that he was feeling overwhelmed. But that was after like two weeks of lack of attention and communication. I tried to give him and out and he just blew me off. So anyway, after I saw him that Friday we exchanged a few test over the weekend. But things never got back to where they were and so I had to just let it go. I am surprised by how much I liked him and how hard I fell because that is unlike me. However, this one really took me for a loop. I felt a connection I hadn’t really felt in a long time. But, it didn’t last so I went back on match and then I met Rickey.

Feeling Doubtful

I haven’t blogged in awhile because, well I named this blog 40 and pregnant because well I thought there would be a baby at the end and I’d blog away telling my story. But, at last that is not the case here. So I’m thrown back into the dating fire pit and for the record, this shit really sucks. I mean the cast of characters that I continue to meet and the stories, I could write a book. No wonder my married friends are always eager to hear about my crazy and exciting dating stories.

So the baby thing is done right. I tried three times and it didn’t work out and after spending over $8,000 I decided to give it up. I went back on and I met two guys on match and so this is where the story continues. No baby, so back to the dating carousel while trying to find ‘the one’.

So let’s begin with Rodney. I met Rodney the weekend of July 4th on  We started talking and flirting over match and we hit it off, so after a few back and forth text messages I said let’s take this offline, here’s my number. We exchanged a few text messages and then he invited me to his house on Monday for a BBQ he was having. I invited my girlfriend to go with me, but at the last minute she didn’t go and I ended up going by myself. Yes, I went to someone’s house that I had never met for a BBQ by myself. I do crazy stuff like that and I do not recommend it at all.

I get there and he opens the door and I did a little kegel because he is fine and I’m happy. He’s like 6’3, 230 pounds easy, light skinned, full beard and I’m a happy girl. By the time I get there he says everyone has already left and his daughter is upstairs asleep. So I feel at ease because we just hit it off very well and if his daughter is upstairs asleep then clearly he’s taking a leap also because I could be a crazy lady and I now know where he lives.

We end up staying up until about 1:30 am talking, drinking, and smoking cigars. It was one of the better first dates I’ve had in a long time. He’s almost a full foot taller than my 5’4 frame and with the beard he has this gruffness about him but he’s also very romantic and tender with me. We end up spooning on the couch watching TV, he asks me to stay but I’m about to start my period and the horror of that makes me head home. I can’t help but think this has some potential; I like how I felt when I was with him. The next day we continue to text and I went over there a few days later and we did pretty much the same thing in that we drank, ate, and I decided to stay the night this time. But, thanks to Aunt Flo, nothing happened. It was just nice to be at his place and to be able to spend some time. So there you have my first two dates with Rodney after deciding to stop this IUI baby making business. More to come on this dating thing in future posts.

Life goes on

I can say with confidence that IUI number cycle three did not work either. My day started with slight cramps and now this evening I have full blown cramps and started my cycle. So it’s safe to say just like the last two months, the IUI did not work and I am not pregnant. I mean these cramps came on hard and strong like they were trying to say you are really not pregnant. There is no room for ambiguity.

So anyway, I’m having mixed emotions about this to be honest. On the one hand it confirmed what I suspected with this third IUI, that I wasn’t pregnant. I didn’t feel any different and didn’t have any pregnancy symptoms like sore breasts or morning sickness. So I can’t say I’m surprised that I’m not pregnant. I did have a mild freak out earlier today because I thought, OMG what if I am pregnant? What do I do then? I’m not really ready to be somebody’s mother. My whole life will change I have to move, what do I tell people at work. It lasted for about 20 minutes, but luckily I had to get ready for dinner, so it didn’t last that long.

However, while I’m at dinner I started having the full on cramps and that’s when I knew I would be starting my cycle soon. Low and behold I made it home and that’s when I noticed it started. So, it’s with mixed emotions that I am both saddened and relieved. I am saddened because who wants to fail at anything and I did just spend the last three months and over $8,000 to have a baby.

But, I am relieved because this chapter of my life is over. The sperm selection, blood work, sonograms, waiting, and overall doctor visits. I can plan my next vacation and make career decisions because I’m not concerned with ‘am I or aren’t I’. I can move forward with dating and hoping to find ‘the one’ without what will he say or think about me if I’m pregnant. I know you’re probably thinking if he is the right guy it won’t matter and that is probably true, but it is still a little tricky to date through all this IUI stuff.

I have no regrets; I mean certainly I could’ve spent that $8,000 towards the down payment on a house, a trip around the world, or a plethora of other things. But, I can say I swung for the fences and I missed this time. I know my life isn’t over, just this particular chapter. There is more to be written and certainly I haven’t given up on having kids, I am just no longer willing to go through the IUI process solo. I certainly still hope for an alternative ending where I meet the man of my dreams and we have one or two kids and live happily ever after. But in the meantime, I am happy to live my current life and be as present in these moments as possible and just see what happens.

Things look good

So yesterday I went dutifully to the doctor’s office to have my blood work done. They dutifully called me that afternoon to tell me that my blood work looked great and that is all. Basically no medical reason they can find why I shouldn’t be pregnant. Folks keep asking me if I feel any different and no, I do not. Of course it’s only been 8 days since my last insemination, so not sure if I would feel any differently this soon. Worse case scenario, I start my cycle by Friday or Saturday if not pregnant and my next doctor’s appointment for my pregnancy test is next Tuesday. However, for the last two months I’ve started my cycle on day 28 and haven’t needed the pregnancy test. But, of course we’re going to think positively for this month and hopefully the third time, combined with the use of Mr. Brazil’s sperm is a charm.

Also, yesterday I had coffee with one of the new guys, Kevin. I stopped by Cosi on the way home and he met me for coffee. What was supposed to be a quick meet and greet turned into an hour of laughs. He’s funny and silly at the same time and a little self-deprecating, which is kind of cute because he’s a very good-looking man. He stands actually stands at 6’2 and had on a nice suit with a bowtie. It was refreshing and fun. We didn’t get too deep we talked about his 11-year old son and work a little bit. We are both finance people so it got a little nerdy as we discussed how wireless companies make money on sale of handsets. I know, very fascinating, but I worked for a wireless company for ten years, so I was equipped to speak on the matter.

Anyway, we’ve been texting all day. Which makes me a little nervous because I do not want to like him too quickly and start acting like a 15-year old with a crush. I want to be an adult about this and take my time and peel back the layers and all that jazz. So, we will have to wait and see if anything develops, what the next steps are; whether we get to go out on an actual date, or crash and burn.

I spoke with the other new guy Marcus last night. You know, the one I sent a man’s picture to by mistake. He called right before I was about to go to bed, but we still ended up having a 45-minute conversation. He kept my attention and we talked about dating, kids, relationships, and sports.  He is open to having more kids, which is good because that is one of my deal breakers. We also exchanged a few texts today and he seems like a nice guy. We will see if he makes it far enough for us to have a date for drinks or coffee. He appears to move slowly and my patience is thin, so I could lose interest if we do not meet by end of week.

I haven’t heard from Daniel and I know he’s back from his trip, so maybe he is married with 8 kids in Boston and just wanted some fun in D.C. Who knows? But, I’m certainly not going to worry myself about it. That’s one time I’m glad I kept my legs closed.

I have also been exchanging daily WhatsApp messages with Brian while he’s in London and Paris. He is at the French Open so he sent me some pictures. I’m very jealous that I’m not in Paris right now.  But, I got on him a little for not actually calling; but I know to call internationally is expensive. I was hoping we could do a Wi-Fi call, but I’ll mostly give him a pass for this week. I want to see how he does when he gets back home.

So I think all I can do with all the above situations is see what happens. I’m trying to be in the moment and not over think things, especially those I cannot control. Wish me luck!

Are you not entertained?

I know what you’re thinking; I date like a man, right? I know, I know and I wish it were different, I honestly do. But, I’ve learned a few things over the years and I’ve been dating for over ten years as a divorcee and a few of those include ‘don’t put all your eggs in one basket’, and ‘never assume you’re exclusive or in a relationship’. There is nothing worse than thinking you’re booed up only to find out, you’re one of a few. Well, there is the time I asked someone if they were pregnant and they weren’t, that was a pretty bad too, but I digress.

So with this attitude in mind, I date pretty regularly, but I do want the real thing. Don’t get me wrong, I am little bit cynical, but it’s all in fun. Because if you’re not having fun, then why bother? Life is too short; it’s meant to be enjoyed. So I figure until I meet Mr. Right, Mr. Right Now will have to keep me entertained. Are you not entertained? Plus, life is about the journey, not the destination, or so I’ve been told. My girl Tasha, she wants me in a relationship so bad, she’s always saying I should go to counseling and sending me articles about dating. For the record, I am a catch. I know my weaknesses and I know I have some areas of improvement. Like I know I’m a little bossy, opinionated, independent, and sometimes I pick fights just to be reassured I’m loved. These are part of my “Daddy issues” and I’m working through them. Most women that grew up without their father have some form of abandonment Daddy issues. I know I sometimes pick a fight to push people away to test if they are sincere or if they really care and will stay. I know when it’s happening, but it’s hard to stop. But, I’m a work in progress. I own my shit! What’s that song “If you can’t love me at my worst, you can’t have me at my best”.

With that backdrop, I started talking to this guy on POF; his name is shoot, what’s his name? I don’t put a guys name in my phone until after we’ve had some material exchanges or after we’ve been out. Oh yeah, let me look, oh I didn’t save it yet. Let’s call him Marcus. So I’m exchanging text with Marcus because you know, you go from IM’ing in the POF app, to texting, a real conversation is unheard of. Anyway, he asks me to send him a picture, because you know I could’ve used someone else’s photo and really be a 300-pound boy. Side note, I was once catfished by a guy. Dude had all these pictures of someone else on his profile, but when it came time to meet up, he finally fessed up, the pictures weren’t him. So men do this catfish thing too, it’s not exclusive to women.

Anyway, I send Marcus a pic; well I thought I did. He responds, “You sent me a picture of another man”. Wow! Oops, my bad! I sincerely apologize and I’m like, well nice knowing you. But, he did something unexpected; he said “I understand that you had friends before you met me”. I was shocked; I thought for sure it was the end. Marcus gets brownie points for not blowing up my spot. But he did lecture me on checking my text two or three times before I send them going forward and what can I say? Well, he’s not wrong. My pimp game is slipping and I was multitasking, so I was thankful for his understanding. I honestly wouldn’t have been as accepting had the roles been reversed. That’s just real talk.

Ok, so I told you things are done with the 56-year old, so that leaves Brian who is currently in London, but we’ve been texting. Then there is a new guy I met named Kevin. I say ‘met’ loosely, we’ve been texting and hopefully we will meet up soon. Then there is Kendall who I was actually supposed to meet for drinks today, but I went to brunch and then I got sleepy and since he lives like 30 miles from me and I’m not excited about someone being that far away. You’re like, but Daniel lives in Boston. I know this; ok maybe I’m just not that into Kendal. So I asked him for a rain check, I think it will just die a natural death of neither one of us calling. I’m good with that.

Back to Kevin, he just text me that he wants to meet up because he lives like 10 minutes from my house. Plus with today being Memorial Day then traffic is very light. So Kevin is 6’1, light skin, athletic, has one son, and wants more kids. So I’m excited to meet him in person because he’s certainly easy on the eyes and he’s been very engaging over text. He said he was shopping nearby with his 11-year old son and for me to stop by and help them shop. I was like, “I did my shopping yesterday”. Of course, he was just trying to put eyes on me, but with his son around and the first meet up; the kid factor is a little weird. We have made plans to meet up later for coffee, so more to come on that. Now I have to figure out what to wear so I don’t look like I’m trying too hard. Oh, the joys of dating. Every encounter has the possibility to be ‘the one’ or the just the next entry into my dating merry go round.

When will I see you again?

What else is going on from this week? Remember that guy Daniel I talked about that lives in Boston? Well he’s currently in Dominican Republic, and although we’ve exchanged a few texts, I’m just not sure if that will really has any legs once he gets back. Long distance relationships are hard, especially starting off that way. So not sure we’ve had enough time together for either one of us to really try hard to make it work. But, he should be back either today or tomorrow after a week away, so I guess we will see what he does. I’m certainly not going to chase after him so he will have to contact me if he’s interested. In the meantime, I’m back on Plenty of Fish (POF), I got off OkCupid, because I thought it was whack. I feel I meet more quality men on POF. So I met two guys so far and the first guy Kendal seems nice enough, but he lives in Waldorf, which is like 30 miles away and it’s hard to be spontaneous with someone so far. The second guy is named Brian. We started talking on POF and he’s actually currently in London, England. He’s part Jamaican and went to London for Memorial Day weekend to visit family.

I don’t know what it is lately that I start talking to someone right before they go out of town. So he will be back in one week and so we’ll see if we get a chance to see each other in person, especially with the 56-year old Eric trying to lay claim to me. But, he said the words that are music to my ears “When am I going to see you again?”  Usually, I’m the one saying that to men because I’m more direct and I don’t like beating around the bush. So this Eric character thinks he has my number based on maybe three conversations, we will have to see.

I have an update on Eric and it seems another one bites the dust. Remember, how I mentioned we did not have the kid discussion yet. Well, we were supposed to go have our first date today and so we were conversing this morning, you know getting to know each other a little bit more. He told me his story, which I knew most of already based on our meeting on Saturday. He’s divorced, father of two girls, works for UPS, and loves to travel. So when it was my turn to talk about being divorced for ten years and single for over three, I told him about my attempted solo IUI efforts. And then I said, “well do you want more kids, are you open to it?” He laughed and said, “no, not at my age”. Well I must admit that my entire attitude changed. I said, well I guess that’s, that then. He went on to say we could still date and enjoy each other, but I shut that down. I told him that I don’t like to waste people’s time and we clearly don’t want the same thing. This is a big disconnect, so I thought it best we cancel our plans and go our separate ways. He was a little taken back, but he said he understood. So there you go, another one bites the dust. But, you know me; I got two or three in the chamber. Who’s got next?

Running with the bulls

So I haven’t blogged in awhile because I’ve been running the streets mostly trying not to think about my pregnancy test that looms in seven days. Plus, as I’ve discussed, I think this is my last cycle and so I’m looking forward to the future. I’m certainly still hoping it involves a baby, but I’m continuing to realize that I have a whole lotta life left in me. I have more living, and places to go, so no matter what happens, I will be ok. Like Pearl Jam says “I’m still alive” and I’m going to live baby.

Ok, so yesterday was Saturday and I met a 56-year old biker and his name is Eric. I was at my favorite restaurant, Carlyle in Virginia and he was sitting right next to me. We started chatting and two hours later we’re exchanging numbers. Next thing I know we’re texting and talking on the phone like old friends and he’s talking about us in the future tense and I’m like what just happened? So you know me, I’m just going to lean in and see what happens, what do I have to lose? Now when I say 56, you’re probably thinking that’s an old man Dee. My girlfriend says to beware of old man because they know how to talk the talk and may get you hooked. I certainly hope so, because these young guys and guys my age are full of it. Eric works in security, divorced, and has two grown kids. Now of course we haven’t talked about that I may be pregnant and that I want kids, but he was shocked and surprised when I told him I had none. He went on to say that “kids are our legacy and I should have some kids”. So maybe, he’s willing to have kids.

We are supposed to go out on a date tomorrow, so I guess I will find out more then. I can tell you he doesn’t look or act like a 56-year old. He’s in fantastic shape and he’s a guy’s, guy and I like that. Like we were at the bar talking and he just paid my check, which was very nice and unexpected. Then we started trading war stories on dating and the type of people that we meet. I could definitely feel there was energy between us, so I was pleasantly surprised when he asked for my number. I haven’t dated someone that much older than me before, but like I said he doesn’t look like he’s anywhere near 56 and is in fantastic shape. Plus, he has a quick wit and I like that. Furthermore, he thinks I’m funny, so he’s perfect as far as I’m concerned.

I’ll have to wait and see how our date goes and how the chemistry is when we’re actually on a date. He doesn’t drink, but he is an adrenaline junky. He’s part of a bike club, he sky dives, and he wants to do running of the bulls in Spain. I’m not sure I’m with the whole running of the bulls thing. I really don’t get the draw based on the possibility of being trampled by some horned, angry animal. As we say in the black community, ‘that sounds like some white people stuff’. You don’t see any black people running with the bulls, but surprise I meet one. Guess you can’t always call it or make generalizations, right.